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9. November 2019

How much is moving frame sand making equipment?

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Cobblestone test machine, look at the sand from the pebbles, the thickness can be adjusted very well. The standard mobile frame sand making machine can be customized according to the user’s needs. How much does it cost for a machine that moves a frame-type sand making machine?
From the perspective of structural modeling, the mobile frame-type sand making is not much different from the mobile crushing station. The main purpose is to change the key equipment from the mobile vehicle to the frame for the deep processing operation of various sand and gravel materials. With the development of technology and the improvement of social demand, the Mobile sand making machine has also developed from a single tire-type mobile sand making machine to a mobile sand making machine with two operating modes of frame and vehicle. The mobile sand making machine does not need to lay the foundation. The vehicle mainly adopts the front-loading type of movement. Correspondingly, because of its high cost, the frame-type mobile sand making machine is generally more favorable than the vehicle-mounted mobile sand making machine.
How much does it cost to buy a mobile framed sand making machine?
The fixed price of mobile frame type sand making equipment is both cheap and expensive. There are hundreds of thousands of cheap ones and millions of expensive ones. Why is it so expensive? There are several reasons for this.
1. There are different series of machines for moving frame type sand making equipment. Each series has its own different models. The output of different models is different, which meets the sand making scale of different users. Generally speaking, the materials of large sand making machines, There are more manuals than small sand making machines, and there is no doubt that the price of large sand making machines is expensive.
2, manufacturers are different, the price of different manufacturers of sand making machines is different, take the region, in the regions with high consumption levels, its labor is higher than the general level of consumption level, in addition to the venue A series of expenses such as fees and materials, so if the manufacturers with high consumption levels want to profit from them, they have to increase the price of the machine. In the general consumption area, the cost of the machine is relatively low, then the price is relatively reasonable.
The price of a mobile frame sand making machine is affected by many reasons. If you want to know more about its offer, you can consult Gongyi Hongyi customer service for free. Gongyi Hongyi is a professional manufacturer of mobile frame sand making equipment. Henan Gongyi, convenient feeding, mature technology, self-produced and sold, reasonable price, and support users with sample materials test machine, welcome everyone to visit.


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