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8. Oktober 2019

SBM sand making machine is indispensable in the mechanism sand production line

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Sand making machine is specially designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-grade building, municipal, water conservancy and other buildings to provide high quality sand and gravel aggregate. It is the most effective new type of equipment in the production of mechanical sand. It is suitable for crushing any hard material. The fine and medium crushed rock is an energy-efficient sand making equipment.
The sand making machine is the most indispensable equipment in the field of machine sand and stone shaping. In the field of machine sand, the sand making machine can produce the ideal mechanism sand and concrete bottom material needed for construction; in the field of stone shaping, it Give full play to its superior performance of high energy and low consumption, so that customers can obtain high quality and good quality stone materials with good quality. Its performance plays an important role in the fine crushing and sand making of various rocks.
The sand making machine is based on the working principle of stone rock, through the combination of rotor, crushing cavity type and speed, so that the stone can fully collide and impact to achieve the best crushing effect, high crushing efficiency and little wear on the equipment itself. The ability to pass non-crushed materials is strong, and it is affected by the moisture content of the material. It is suitable for crushing medium, hard and hard rock. When used for the production of machine sand, the finished sand grade is reasonable and fine modulus. Adjustable, in line with national building sand standards.


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