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30. Oktober 2019

How does the river pebble sand machine cope with the competitive pressure at home and abroad?

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Constant customer feedback on foreign machinery, especially the quality of German machinery, can not help but cause reflections from our domestic mining machinery manufacturers. How to narrow the gap with foreign countries, how to overcome the discordant problems in the development process, and identify breakthroughs in development, Jointly promote the revitalization and improvement of the mining machinery industry, strive to compete for the share of the international market, and resolve the adverse effects of the current domestic slow-moving crisis.
The biggest influence of foreign similar products on mining machinery is the application of wear-resistant materials. This effect is not too big, the degree is different.
Secondly, the foreign river pebble sand making machine has improved its automation and trial life. The original river pebble sand making machine not only has complicated operation, but also the maintenance is mostly assisted by manual and engineering vehicles. The frequency of replacement is also relatively frequent. .
In addition, there are a shortage of models for the river pebble sand making machine. If it is too small or too large, it will be combined with several high-efficiency sand making machines, which not only occupy the land but also increase the cost. The vacancy of the domestic sand making machine equipment.
From the application point of view, considering different problems, the Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Sand Making Machine Department has already had this idea after understanding the problem, expanding the new model of the river pebble sand making machine, and continuously improving the technology of the sand making machine equipment. The adaptor’s face is wider, and the sand making machine equipment is once again on a new level!


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