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26. September 2019

Clean Production of Graphite Powder by Ultrafine Vertical Mill

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Graphite is a kind of mineral. The chemical properties of graphite are not very active. At the same time, it has a certain corrosion resistance. Graphite exists in various ways and has different appearance. Graphite is actually another structure of carbon element, that is to say, an allotrope of carbon element. It is crystalline carbon. Each carbon atom is surrounded by three carbon atoms, which interact with each other in the form of covalent bonds to form covalent molecules. Graphite is also a conductive material. Graphite or graphite products are widely used in first-class refractories and coatings in metallurgical industry, stabilizers for explosive materials in military industry, pencil lead in light industry, carbon brushes in electrical industry, electrodes in battery industry, catalysts in fertilizer industry, etc. The market value of graphite is high, which has obvious requirements for the ultra-fine vertical grinder used in the field of graphite processing. The high-yield and high-efficiency graphite ultra-fine vertical grinder can process 325-2500 mesh of high-quality powder, which has an important impact on improving the market value of graphite products.

For ultra-fine vertical grinding graphite powder processing, Vertical Roller Mill has high application value, high pulverizing efficiency and fine classification accuracy, which can effectively improve the product quality and market competitiveness of graphite powder. For graphite processing, SBM heavy machine has deep development background and processing advantages. The graphite processing project under construction runs smoothly, the price of ultra-fine vertical grinding mill is reasonable, and the pulverizing efficiency is high. It creates considerable social and economic benefits for enterprises, and is the preferred equipment to enhance the value of ultra-fine vertical grinding graphite powder.

As a research and development base of ultra-fine vertical mill, SBM heavy mill is based on market development demand, customer-centered, and concentrates on studying the comprehensive mechanical grinding performance of graphite ultra-fine vertical mill, such as roll, grinding and impact. It is widely used in all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder with Mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6%. In the grinding and processing industry, it has important application value for the production of graphite superfine vertical grinding powder. The equipment runs reliably, is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It is equipped with dust collector with high efficiency, less dust in working environment, main engine with built-in grading mechanism, unique grading wheel structure, good grading effect, good product particle size, no large particle pollution, and production. The quality is stable, according to the production needs of customers, we can provide one-to-one solutions for the exclusive powder production line, and supply the price selection scheme of graphite ultra-fine vertical mill with higher performance-price ratio, so as to create broader market prospects for customers.


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